Dihon Kunming China


Dihon Kunming is the pharmaceutical manufacturer that is based in Wuhan, China. From a small manufacturer which was established in 1993, at present, Dihon has over 2000 employees and 7 pharmaceutical manufacturing plants that meet GMP standard. Since 2004 Dihon and Dong A Pharmaceutical Trading Company has cooperated to develop the brands such as Haicneal, Skineal, Fitneal,…                                                                                                                                                    

Services which DAP supplies
  • Transportation and distribution (GDP Standard)
  • GSP Warehousing
  • Cash collection and debt management
  • Invoice management and tax report
  • Various types of reports requested
  • Setting up distribution system 
  • Getting orders and managing customer system
  • Tendering in hospitals
  • Marketing programs - plan and execution