Success stories

Collaboration with Dihon Pharmaceutical Group (China) in developing Haicneal brand


In the early 21st century, when referring to the phrase “pharmaceutical dandruff” in Vietnam, the consumer would think about Nizoral only because this was the dominant brand and almost no rival. However, less than a decade later, the consumers’ minds has emerged a new name which is a real competitor in this market. The main challenger is HAICNEAL.

In 2004, Dihon Pharmaceutical Group (Dihon China) decided to choose Dong A Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd (Dong A Pharma) as their business partner who would provide the market expansion services for their products in Vietnam market. At that time, Dong A Pharma had to face to a plenty of difficulties in bringing a new product into the pharmaceutical market. Meanwhile, Nizoral is gaining huge market share in a market where the consumers were confused between shampoo dandruff and pharmaceutical dandruff. There was a fact that, at that time Ministry of Health was very strict when the products containing clobetasol (the indispensable components of Haineal) were advertised.

Dong A Pharma did figure out the appropriate solutions and achieved the certain success with the great confidence of Dien Hong Group. With the experience in providing market expansion services, Dong A Pharma developed the 360-degree-marketing plan which focused on the digital marketing, together with the use of celebrities’ images such as actor Chi Bao and media marketing on the popular websites such as,, vietnamnet,... In addition, Dong A Pharma also focused on developing strong distribution network as well as logistics for the product.

By 2013, the sales of Haicneal hit US$ 4.5 millions. More and more Vietnamese consumers know and trust Haicneal brand. Dong A Pharma has received the absolute trust from Dien Hong Group and promised a long - term cooperation between 2 parties.  
Dong A Pharma