GSP warehouse - Dong A Pharma


GSP warehouse system of Dong A Pharma is one of the best systems in Vietnam:

-  Strictly control humidity (< 70%) and temperature (< 25 degree celsius for normal warehouse, from 2 to 8 degree celsius for cold warehouse). Our system uses TRANE air conditioners, capacity of 240.000 BTU x 3 machines/ warehouse = 720.000 BTU, which exceeds the normal requirements to maintain GSP’s standards.
-  9 m high for the roof, with 5 racking level; forklifts for goods handling.
-  Dock and leveler for Loading and unloading goods.
-  Sprinkler system and fire extinguisher.
-  Warehouse staffs is professionally trained about goods importing - exporting and fire extinguishing procedures.
-  The outside area is large enough for various vehicles ‘s entries (fire truck, containers,…)
-  24/24h security and camera.
-  Using FAST management software (based on SAP), easy inventory management and goods planning.
-  Hanoi GSP warehouse reaches 2.000 m2 in area, capacity of 1.841 pallets; HCM’s 1.400 m2 in area and 1.404 pallets.
Some images of our GSP Warehouse system in Hanoi:
Outside overview of GSP Warehouse 1 (source: DAP)
Outside area is large, which makes vehicles' entry easily (source: DAP)
Inside overview (source: DAP)


Cooling system (source: DAP)
Temperature and humidity control system (source: DAP)
Goods handling area (source: DAP)
Warehouse 's staffs is executing (source: DAP)
Staff is unloading goods by forklift (source: DAP)
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