-  Dong A Pharmaceutical Trading Co.,Ltd, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam was established in December 1996 by two co-founders who were Pharmacist Dinh Van Loc (Mr.) and Pharmacist Le Minh Nguyet (Mrs.) At first, we went into drug business by importing finished products. Then we expanded our business into Supplementary Food Products and Medical Materials.

-  By 2002, we established a branch in Ho Chi Minh city and expanded our operation to the South.

-  By 2005, we established a branch in Da Nang to cover the rest of cities and provinces in Vietnam.

-  By 2008, Dong A Medical Equipment JSC was founded in order to promote the development of this potential field.

-  By 2009, we decided to develop the Logistics Services (warehousing, importation-exportation, distribution).

-  By 2012, we repositioned the company as the leading provider of Market Expansion Services (Logistics, Sales, Marketing) with a focus on the field of HealthCare (Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Supplementary Food) in Vietnam. This was absolutely an important decision in order to seize the market opportunities and exploit as well as develop the existing systems that had already built up and developed for 16 years (including infrastructure systems, management software system, sales point system, sales force and partner system).

-  The revenue of the company by 2013 reached more than 500 billion VND (US$ 23.6 millions). 

Dong A Pharma